Icelandic Sheep Wool and Angora Goat Mohair

Icelandic fleece comes in a wide variety of colors. The fiber is two coated and has a fine soft undercoat (thel), about 3" long and 65's to 70's count; and a coarser outer coat (tog), up to 18" long and 50's to 53's count. The outer coat sheds rain well and the thick soft thel protects the animal from the constant winds of Iceland. The fiber varies over the fleece, from very curly but shorter locks on the back, to very long locks with wavy tog and very fine soft thel on the shoulders and sides. Icelandic sheep are sheared twice a year, in early spring and September. The best fleeces are from the fall cuts.

The two fibers can be spun together or separated. The tog hairs, if kept in lock formation, can be prepared and spun using worsted or semi-worsted techniques into strong yarns of varying diameters. The finer smoothest hairs make good yarns for needlework. The thel is very soft and has been compared to cashmere. It makes a beautiful yarn and is soft enough to be used for baby clothing.

Mohair is a luxury fiber - expensive and exclusive like cashmere, alpaca or silk, although different in texture from all of these. It is not much like sheep's wool either, despite the fact that this is the fiber with which it is most often blended.

"The finest mohair (the first clip taken from six month old kids) can be woven into fabric as delicate-looking as cashmere. but with the sheen and toughness of silk. Mohair, whether finest kids' or coarsest adults' will outwear most other natural fibers. Mohair cloth will not absorb spills or dirt nearly so readily as wool or cotton. Yet, mohair takes dyes exceptionally well."  -Mitcham, Stephanie & Allison: The Angora Goat

We offer raw, washed and carded wool and mohair for sale.
Please contact us for availability.

Raw Icelandic fleece
Adult white...$16.00/lb.
Adult color...$16.00/lb.
Lamb white...$16.00/lb.
Lamb color..$16.00/lb.

Adult mohair...$16.00/lb.

Washed fleece... add $1.00/lb.

Washed and Carded Icelandic wool (by the oz.)
Adult white...$2.75 / oz.
Adult color...$2.75 / oz
Lamb white...$2.75 / oz
Lamb color...$2.75 / oz

Adult mohair...$2.75 / oz

Icelandic Pelts when available, $140.00.  Soft, Elegant, Luxury!  Contact us to find out what colors and sizes are available.

We are committed to quality!  Occasionally, we will add fleeces to our roving in support of other farms.  We only offer fiber from ours and farms with goals and production models like ours, to continue a sustainable farming industry.  This has also given us an opportunity to offer you a variety of fiber breeds without taxing the sustainability of our small farm.  This keeps our animals healthy, and builds a support structure for like-minded producers around us!  Amounts are limited and breed type varies based on availability. 
Please contact us to find out what is currently in stock, or visit us at the these Fiber Festivals:  In the spring at New Hampshire and Massachusetts and in the fall our fleece & roving (as well as our soaps and other items) can be found at the NYSWF at Rhinebeck in VanCalcar Acres Booth, 26D).